Pilates in Huddersfield Times

Wednesday - with Fran Whitworth

Group mat-work and floor classes held at Slaithwaite Community Centre

5.30pm - Beginners

6.30pm - Mixed Ability

7.30pm - Mixed Ability

Friday - with Fran Whitworth

Group mat-work and floor classes held at Beaumont Park Visitors Centre

9.45am - Mixed Ability

10.50am - Mixed Ability

11.55am - Beginners


1:1 Pilates sessions can be arranged by appointment Monday - Friday at our clinic.


If you are interested in our pilates classes or wish to make further enquiries, please email info@penninephysio.co.uk








What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body exercise regime. It was developed in the 1900s by German born Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate bed ridden patients in hospital.

Today it is used worldwide for rehabilitation from injury, to improve core strength and posture and as part of most athletes training programs. You can view our Pilates timetable below the image on the left.

Personalised assessment

Personalised assessment to find out your injury history and movement difficulties and set out your goals. We will look at your posture and movement and test the level of stability that you currently have.

1:1 pilates session

This is ideal for you if you are just on the recovery from injury and need more personalised feedback/education. You will be seen on a private basis for up to 45 minutes. We begin by teaching the principles of pilates and progress you through the repertoire based on your individual needs.

1:3 session

This small size group is ideal for someone who is progressing their rehab after injury and doesn't yet feel confident or supported enough in a large class size. This small group will enable your physio to prompt, correct and progress you when needed but allows you to increase your own independence in recognising you body patterns.

Floor Class

These sessions are run off site (Slaithwaite Community Centre) and are still small in size compared to most gym/sport centre classes. After you have completed the basic level exercises in 1:3 sessions, this would be the natural progression. Maximum 12 per class. Excellent value for money. We can run sessions for groups of friends or sports teams. Just email us with your request.