At Pennine Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we not only treat your symptoms using a variety of proven techniques but we ensure that you are using your body’s muscles in the best way to prevent future injuries.

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What to expect

Your first appointment

Your first appointment will primarily be an assessment even if you come with a condition already diagnosed. We need to find out what movements or positions are comfortable for you and what aggravates your symptoms. We may test movements, flexibility, strength and posture to determine what structures need to be treated. We will always give you an explanation in simple English about what we feel is going on. We can use models pictures to help explain things to you. We will discuss goal setting and treatment planning with you, and in most cases start treatment in the initial appointment.


Follow up appointments

After the first consult the sessions are usually a little shorter. We often use a combination of treatments which may be in the form of hands on therapy or exercises or advice

What we treat?
How we do it

What to expect when you undergo physiotherapy